Chinese Language Training

Duration 1 year
Starting Date February, September
Tuition Fee ¥10500 (RMB)
Teaching Language Chinese/English

Program Infomation

Courses and Credits
There are courses of 5 grades for 3 levels available namely preliminary level, intermediate level and senior level. Preliminary level includes grade 1, grade 2. Intermediate level includes grade 3 and grade 4. Senior level includes grade 5.Courses include compulsory courses and elective courses. Comprehensive and  Spoken Chinese are Compulsory courses.Elective courses include Chinese Listening, Phonetic Training,Chinese Reading, Chinese News Reading, Business Chinese, Chinese Traditional Calligraphy and Painting, Taiji Practice, Cultural Experience and the Chinese Proficiency Test(HSK)Guidance.

Those who get 20 credits can get a certificate at the end of the semester.

The university’s academic year includes 2 terms, and the teaching period for each term lasts about 19 weeks. The general score is made up of the scores of mid-term examination, final examination and comprehensive evaluation.

Teaching Objectives

1. Grade 1

Students are expected to grasp the rules of initials, vowels, tones, tone sandhi, neutraltone, retroflex ending, 700 Chinese words and the related characters which almost cover all the basic and daily use, 70 preliminary-level grammatical items, and all the basic strokes of Chinese characters and their writing order.Listening practice proceeds from words, phrases, and sentences to short dialogues. Oral practice focuses on simple daily expressions.Students will learn to read short passages of no more than 200 words and to write paragraphs by linking up given sentences.

2. Grade 2

This phase focuses on correcting students’ pronunciation. Practice on stress, pause and varieties of intonation in sentence is initiated. Students are expected to acquire 700 words and related characters and grasp 76 grammatical items of the preliminary level. Listening practice includes dialogue and short passage of no more than 400 words. Oral practice focuses on short conversations and expressions. Students will learn to read 300-word articles and understand the short passage with about 5% new words. Writing practice stresses simple narration and practical writings such as a letter.

3. Grade 3

Students will be able to master a correct pronunciation and intonation.Vocabulary amounts for this phase to 650 and 70 grammar items as well. On this basis, they are expected to be able to understand in listening to language materials with no more than 2% new words and without new grammatical points, to converse in full expression in their daily social contact, to grasp the general idea of articles and to make their points clear in their practical writings and narrations with around 300 words.

4. Grade 4

Students at this level will continue to enlarge their vocabulary by studying about 750 words and the corresponding characters and about 77 grammatical items in usingand comparing words. Semantic analysis, usage analysis and pragmatic analysis of the language structure will be included. Reading assignment will be increased significantly.  Listening and speaking on general topics will be further strengthened in order that students will be able to make full expressions and to take down key notes in listening. Writing practice focuses on the organization of full sentences and paragraphs and the abilities of retelling and reporting as well.As a result,students will be able to write 400-word articles to express their main ideas.

5. Grade 5

At this level,students will continue to learn about 630 words and the corresponding characters as well as 75 grammatical items in using and comparing words.Semantic analysis, usage analysis and pragmatic analysis of the language structure is further enhanced. Students are required to expand their reading scope, try to make key points in their listening comprehension on longer passages and try to read and listen to the daily news. They are expected to write compositions with given topics. Seminars are held to help students improve the ability to express ideas in complete form.

· Entry Requirements

1. Applicant must be a non-Chinese resident, holding a valid foreign passport or international identity certificate.

2. Applicant should be in good mental and physical condition.

3. Applicant should be over 18 years old and under 25 years old.

4. Applicant should have sufficient financial capability for working and living in China.

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